I'm Brea

Just like memories have textures (we can remember how something sounds, tastes, feels, looks, etc...), I strive to infuse texture into every photograph I take.

When I walk into your wedding day, my biggest goal is to photograph in a way that a 'still' photo becomes a gateway- bringing back all of those senses, feelings, and  emotions you lived so you can experience them again. 

Artfully making the photography of your dreams into reality....

after all, memories aren't static, so why should your photos be?





My Core Values

The first wedding I ever shot was for my best friend, Lindsay. It is her memory that inspires my photography and it is what keeps me grounded to the importance of what I do.

When we look back in life, we realize that most of the time it's the little moments that had the biggest impact.

Photography for me is more than just clicking a button, it is documenting life for you now, so you have those tangible moments  to relive in the future.

Documenting life for you now so you can relive them in the future

THE 'Why'

I am Based just outside of the Catskills in New York with my partner and our two bunnies.

Even though I've had a camera in hand since I was a teen, it wasn't until shooting my late best friend's wedding (see above), that I fell in love with documenting love stories .

Since then I bid the corporate life adieu, and replaced being stuck behind a screen sending emails and trying to get the header text centered perfectly in a word doc to now working behind a screen, sending emails and editing images. I have honestly traded up.

Who i  am 

I absolutely love being a photographer and I am so grateful to my past, present and future clients for trusting me.  I wouldn't trade capturing your special moments for anything.

Living room karaoke

Traveling, Hiking, kayaking, camping

Bookstores, ambient coffee shops 

Some little things I love