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Embarking on the wedding photography journey is a deeply personal experience, and I believe in the significance of choosing a photographer who truly connects with you. That's why my bespoke approach to capturing your special day begins by building a relationship – delving into your unique story, understanding the intricacies of your partnership, and discovering the nuances of what is important to you.

As your wedding day unfolds, rest assured that I am fully committed to ensuring a tailored and seamless experience. Your confidence in my ability to capture your love story is paramount, and I am dedicated to crafting imagery that reflects the authenticity and beauty of your unique relationship.

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Whether you are eloping or celebrating BIG, your wedding day is just as unique as you; all collections can be customized to fit your individual needs.

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"We are blown away at the photos! So beautiful! So natural! Dare I say magical! She captured the tender moments, the wild dance floor, the sweet details and everything in between. I recommend Brea 100%!"

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frequently asked questions

I live in New York's Hudson Valley, and love traveling to document weddings and elopements worldwide. I have photographed in many states, and also have had the privilege of working international destinations like Italy, Ireland, Scotland, and Austria.


There are a few things that make me stand out from the rest:

1. My style - when most people think of 'fine-art' they think of bright and airy pastel type of photography, however, that's not the only way to get artistic photographs.  I provide a more warm and cinematic approach to shooting and editing that really stands out and is different from the majority of photographers in this space.

2.  My approach- I balance photojournalistic / documentary with an editorial flair. This means on a wedding day I switch from fly-on-the-wall (getting those real and candid moments) to stepping up and giving direction when I see it is needed. I also look for interesting spots of light and shadows to create those dynamic photographs. 

3. Connection - The cornerstone of what I do is learning about what makes my couples unique, what their story is, and providing a safe and warm place for them to truly be themselves. 

02. What makes you different from other fine-art photographers?.

The morning of your wedding I will check-in with you- confirming I am on my way and ready to make your photography dreams come true. Once I arrive, I try to focus on the wedding details, then we get into the main events of the day from getting ready all the way through reception. I will work closely with your planner and other creative teams to make sure every important detail and moment is documented. 
If time allows, I may edit a photo or two to send you before the night is over. Either way, at the end of the evening I back up all of your images and start working on your previews. 

03. What is your wedding day workflow/how do you photograph?

Please reach out anyways! While I have my standard collections, I am always open to creating custom packages at lower hourly coverage that may meet your needs! 


Turn around time is typically 6-8 weeks, and you can expect a minimum rolling average of 60 images per hour of coverage.

I do not limit the photos you receive. I cull out all of the poorly shot, unflattering, and duplicate images and provide you with ALL of the quality photographs that tell the full story of your day.

As much as we don't want to think about things happening to loved ones, often times weddings are one of the last events where everyone is together- so to keep out a good image from you of one of your guests in order to make a gallery more 'aesthetic' is not something I ever would want to do.

05. What is your turn-around time, and how many images should I expect?

In short, no. 

I know film photography is all the rage right now, but I do not provide standard video or film photography. I try to edit in a way that emulates the FEEL of film but has the modern edge and file safety of being digital. 

However, while I don't offer a standard video option or film photography, I DO offer Super8 video film (think the grainy  nostalgic videos from yesteryear). If this is something you are interested in, let me know.

06. Do you also shoot video or film?

Gear: I bring/shoot with multiple cameras, lenses, and flashes. This way if something breaks or malfunctions there is no disturbance in the flow of your day.

Images: Myself and my associate photographers always shoot on top-of-the-line cameras that record to two SD cards at a time. This way if one card fails, there is still a backup copy. In addition, at the end of the night I backup all images to hard drives which then syncs to a cloud backup system. If for some reason (hasn't happened yet!) one of those processes fail, I NEVER overwrite the SD cards from your wedding day until your full gallery has been delivered.

Your memories are VERY safe in my hands!


The best images come when my clients trust me, and feel comfortable to let down their guard. That trust doesn't just happen- building a relationship with you is one of the  most important things to me. I genuinly love getting to know your story, and using that to inspire images that feel authentic to you. 

A photographer that CARES.

You don't feel comfortable with a certain pose? That's ok.
You remembered a photo you want at the last second? Totally fine. 
You have a concern you want to bring to my attention? Please do.
Whatever you need to discuss with me, you can. expect my full attention.

A photographer that LISTENS.

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